Seat Covers

are special vehicles, easily identified on the roads. Set yours apart with our custom seat covers. Covers & Camo sells seat covers for any model of trucks and SUV with our selection of first rate materials. We are the experts in personalizing your truck, whether you have a or .

Covers & Camo allows you to choose from an extensive collection of fabric prints and designs for your seat covers. From camo to solids, exotic vinyl to tactical prints, we haveprecisely what you want. Our custom seat covers are sewn in America from moisture-resistant, top of the line material. They include fire-repellant foam and scrim backing to provide added support. Our covers fit so well they give the seats in your an upholstered look. A secure and snug fit prevents your custom seat covers from moving and undue wear. Whether you want to safegurad your upholstery from getting dirt or your < vehicle's> seating needs an upgrade, Covers & Camo can do it.

Our seat covers are exceptionally manufactured with our customers in mind, so they are durable. With so many options to choose from, your custom seat covers are precisely what you want. You can select from a variety of designs, fabrics, and add-ons to fall in line with your needs. From two-tone color schemes to pocketed seat covers, we have something for every taste. We also have a variety of camo patterns and tacticle prints that will appeal to the hunters and outdoor sportsmen that go for natural features. Additionally, you can further customize with different kinds of rifle and sidearm storage for easy access to tools and equipment in your . Along with rear-seat pockets and headrest logos, Covers & Camo has an exclusive custom package that includes a Molle pocket, pistol holster and pocket.

Contact Custom Covers & Camo for top of the line custom seat covers. We can be reached at 435-789-2270 to answer any questions, provide pricing or start your order today.

Seat Covers for Chevy Colorado

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