The Best Modular Camps in the Country

I've been working for the same company for a few years now. I absolutely the work and the office atmosphere is friendly but a few months ago I went through a period of disinterest. Maybe it was the end of summer but my feeling seemed common throughout the office. The boss been privy to the despair because he added a leadership training day to the schedule.

When I heard the news I scoffed. People of my generation greet. Blame the movie Office Space. This was before the training sessions. But after the seminar was over my point of view had undergone a transformation. During the workshop we listened to engaging, uplifting, and fun presenters. The exercises were helpful. Plus, thefood was delicious. Most Importantly I went back to work with refreshed motivation, stronger leadership skills, and a better relationship with my coworkers. If your company is planning such an event check your doubt at the door.

. ceo advisory group